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Comparison between dry cleaning and wet cleaning

Although people don’t think in that way but cleaning and clothing and other household textile is pure science. The best cleaning method can be described in two parts – dry cleaning and wet cleaning.

Dry clean generally sound in the sense that is where you take those “dry clean only” clothes to get cleaned. On the other hand, wet cleaning only follows a professional method rather than cleaning clothing in a house hold washing machine. Now a days wet cleaning is considered as environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Today in my blog I will help you to make understand difference between the wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning is not a process as its sound. Dry cleaning does not refer to a “dry method” of cleaning clothes. With the help of environment friendly solvent, such as hydrocarbon used to clean clothing instead of using water and detergents. After cleaning the items they are dried in the same or separate machine and later pressed.

Advantage –
It’s more gently than machine washing and the solvent used is easy on your clothes.
1. No water is used so in that way Dry cleaning avoids shrinkage and fabric distortion.
2. Dry cleaning avoids colour fading.
3. No need to worry you can save your time – no more ironing, folding, and hanging stages.
4. It ensures the particular fabrics like wool are handled appropriately to avoid damage by dry cleaning.
5. The original texture of the fabrics is retained in that method.
6. Some types of odours, as like those from smoke and water damage, are incredibly difficult to remove, but not worry by dry cleaning it’s all handled carefully.
7. Stains that withstand most washing can often be eliminated during a trip to the cleaners by dry cleaning.

Disadvantage –
In some cases beading can discolour or dissolve in the solvent. You should be aware that the non-distilled chemicals are used by low cost dry cleaners which can be harsh and actually damage your elegant clothes.

Wet cleaning
Wet cleaning is very similar to our usual washing methods. It requires water, detergents, soaps and bleaches, rather than chemical solvents. This cleaning method handle the cloth in a very gently way and dries at a very specific temperature, helping customer to completely customize the wet cleaning process for each item.

Advantage –
1. Most amazing fact regarding this cleaning method is that the solvents and products used in wet cleaning contain no harsh chemicals and will not damage your clothing its safe for you.
2. Wet cleaning is actually gentler than dry cleaning, so it can be utilised on almost any materials.
3. It also prevents companies from dumping harmful toxic chemicals into the river and outside canal and other places, so the earth chemical landfill rate is reduced by just changing to a simpler and safer form of cleaning.
4. With wet cleaning, there are no harmful chemicals! Meaning our staffs are not exposed to PERC so wet cleaning is safer than dry cleaning.

Disadvantage –
1. You should know that in this type of cleaning, clothing will stretch or warp if the water weight is too high or the machine doesn’t work properly.
2. Some stains, such as oil, may not come out unless you use spot removers and pre-treatments.