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Is Your Dry Cleaner Slowly Killing You With Toxic Chemicals You Didn’t Even Know Were There?

We are all told to look after our health by cutting down on sugar and fat, and to exercise regularly, but surprisingly we are not being warned about how we clean our delicates can also be harmful to our health.

You may not be aware of this, but traditional dry cleaning is neither dry nor is it clean. In reality your clothes are washed in liquid solvents, and these solvents may be doing more harm to you and your environment than you thought.

What you may not know is that, these solvents are expensive to buy and expensive to dispose of, so they are reused over and over again in wash after wash. So in reality, your clothes are washed in the same liquid in which other people’s clothes have already been washed. That is why dry cleaned whites often pick up a dull grey look, as the dirt from dozens of other washes starts to stick to your clothes.

But more important than this, the solvents are highly toxic and when they are released into the environment, they cause toxic pollution. The main chemical perchloroethylene (PERC) used in traditional dry-cleaning is known to be extremely damaging to human health and carcinogenic. PERC has been linked to an increased risk of leukaemia, lung and bladder cancer, as well as birth defects in unborn children.

Governments around the world are beginning to act to reduce the use of PERC due to this evidence and the difficulties with disposal. In the USA the use of PERC in residential areas is to be banned as of 2020 and California has already phased out all PERC based traditional dry cleaners.

For most people the difficulty comes when looking for a safe and effective alternative. Many other systems have been tried, but they either had worse environmental and health problems or they simply did not do a good enough job of cleaning clothes.
As you will have noticed, when your clothes return from traditional dry cleaners, the soft gentle fabrics never feel quite as soft and gentle, and have lost that natural smell.

The reason solvents do not distort your clothes is because they do not open up the fibres, so they don’t move of shrink. But a professional dry cleaner will use water on your clothes to remove stains and spots before dry cleaning. This is because most stains are water soluble, so you need water to remove them.

After years of having experienced poorly cleaned clothes, you start to feel that maybe you deserve a bit more?
So if it isn’t the water that is the problem with cleaning your clothes, what is it? Why are clothes labelled dry clean only?
It is the combination of water, heat and mechanical action that creates the problem. If you put delicate clothes in hot water, the fibres will open. Add in mechanical action and your clothes will be pulled out of shape.

So for many years the choices were limited, but that is no longer the case, now you really do have a healthy, eco-friendly choice.

Solvent Free Eco Cleaning

Solvent free eco cleaning uses slightly warm water with biodegradable detergents in a machine that uses the gentle action of oxygen bubbles to softly lift dirt and stains from your clothes. It is also important to control the drying process to allow the fabric fibres to close up without distorting.

Because of the way solvent free eco cleaning works your clothes are deep cleaned, with all the dirt and grime washed away. Your clothes are cleaned in fresh water every time, so your clothes are not contaminated by dirt from other customer’s washes.

You will discover, with natural, environmentally friendly, eco cleaning, your clothes feel softer and smell naturally fresh.
Gary Morris of Maurice Eco Cleaners in Sutton said, “solvent free eco cleaning is becoming more common in the UK, but our solvent free dry cleaners is the only one in the Sutton area, among many traditional dry cleaners in Sutton.”

Wearing poorly cleaned clothes on a daily basis, you find yourself wondering why you have to, when you can enjoy naturally cleaned and pressed clothes that are gentle on your skin and gentle on your planet.

Gary added, “I wanted to become eco-friendly for a long time, but I could not find a viable alternative that would clean clothes effectively without damaging the health of our customers or the planet. Then about three years ago we discovered a new system that provides superior cleaning without any of the damaging solvents.”

In order to provide a service to a wider audience, Maurice Eco Cleaners features an amazingly simple dial-n-collect service to enjoy superior cleaning of your clothes and bedding. This service covers areas from Wimbledon to Ashted and all places in between.

As you know, Maurice Eco Cleaners offers a perfect clean guarantee every time and a great addition to that is you can arrange collection from your own home.

Perhaps toxic dry cleaning is not quite right for you; why not make your own choice and use Maurice Eco Cleaners instead?
As you know, cleaning dry clean only clothes without damaging the environment is possible with Maurice Eco Cleaners
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You’re probably tired of the same old solvent smelling dry cleaners you’ve been using these past few years, now you have a choice to use Maurice Eco Cleaners, for fresher, cleaner, results – and save money at the same time.